H. Winfield Scott's 039;s Inflammatory Painting was an early hint of Japan's Military Infamy. S

(quoted or paraphrased from PULP ART by Robert Lesser)
H. Winfield Scott, pulp artist and patriot, provided CLICK magazine with a painting that caused a political explosion. Admired and exhibited by thousands during the early years of WW2 it became quite famous. In fact the Japanese ambassador stormed the White House–demanding to see FDR,
waving a copy of the February 1941 issue of CLICK magazine–screaming in outraged English, cursing in Japanese–as if innocent of planning the
attack on Pearl Harbor… “All masks were off now, because of a painting that predicted what really would happen ten months later on December 7, 1941–accompanied by an article headlined “How Japan Might Attack U.S. in 1941.” Art not only Inspires, but Incites and Inflames the viewer.

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