In 2010 Walt’s Navy memorabilia was sent to the Navy Band Archives, where the Commodores’ Archivist created a display case in his name. Actually it was to honor the role of Navy Band Music as a morale-builder during WW2.  This display is on permanent exhibition in the Green Room, through which pass not only the President of the United States, but also the big conducting brass of the Navy Bands. Many musicians contributed to public and military morale during their WW2 service years, but our father is recognized there as a published composer/arranger of Big Band Tunes of the 40’s. We are very grateful for this posthumous distinction.

              Among the items on display:

-his uniforms

souvenirs from the Pacific

–copies of letters to his young wife

–poems which he composed at sea

–sketches of his dream log cabin, and islands in the Caribbean on his shakedown cruise

–the gun turrets of the ALASKA,  and an officer’s hut on Mog Mog Island, in the Ulithi Atoll.

We are  deeply appreciative of the Navy’s handsome and generous gesture to honor his talent and the memory of All Navy Musicians.

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