Artistic Styles and Subjects A

(From SOMETHING FOXY: Walter Finlayson: An Artist of Destiny. 1998)

Walter began oil painting in 1950, but he plunged into it full time when he retired from  John Jay at the age of 55 in 1974.  When asked about his subjects and various styles, he replied: “Sometimes I do abstract–sometimes realistic landscape–whatever mood I’m in.”  Spending summers on a small, almost private lake near Rome, Maine, he has a pristine lake with beaver, owls and loons ,plus a big mountain for inspiration. “I make stuff up in my head,” he admits. “It seems to work better than having a stationary still life in front of me.  You see, I know what a flower looks like, so I can visualize a bunch of them in a vase. I’m very unobservant, but when a scene hits me, I ca a recall it and move a tree or add cloud formations to make the finished painting work!”