Artistic Subjects and Styles: B

(From SOMETHING FOXY article,  The Record-Review,  November 20, 1998) part B

Walter said he has sailed for years, but he doesn’t care if his sailboat looks like a specific kind of sailboat; he just wants it to look poetic, to attract the eye or create a certain impression on the viewer.  Maybe he wants to give the impression of speed, wind or joyous freedom.  Referring to his painting of a dock  he explained that it was actually inspired by a dock at Tenant’s Harbor, Maine, but it could be Any dock–just as his snowy river scene is a made up one, which could be any river, anywhere. When I pointed out that he always wears beige sweaters, he agreed with mild surprise, “I don’t know why that is, but a lot of people want to know why I put all that color in my paintings. I can’t really say why–I guess that’s just Me!”