The Artist–in Memoriam


It was a sad, sad event when Walter Finlayson no longer was in our midst in the Village Gallery.  He was one of the founding members and one of the most loyal ones.  His output of paintings was constant and always forthcoming, so his production of works was always overflowing the capacity of his own studio to hold  them.  It was to me a very impressive thing that he could produce with such fluency and with such quality.  I was always in awe of his talent which really spoke to me with its abstract themes and colorful contents. I suspect that he really did not want to part with most of them, as his prices were consistently and justifiably higher than the clients of the Village Gallery were able and willing to pay…but they were fair considering the museum-like quality that his paintings possessed.

       He and I always got ourselves into some deep conversations about art and music and he was a delightful man, dedicated to the success of the Gallery and hardworking on its behalf.  He was obviously also a very dedicated family man, consumed in taking care of his ailing wife whom he was very concerned for.  I was always touched to see how faithfully he took care of her and would not let her be by herself for too long at a time.

How shocking it was for me to realize that he had actually died first, leaving her behind, seemingly very frail, but as I understand it, she handled herself much better than anyone would have expected after his death.

     Walter was very enjoyable to be around, always with interesting observations and a great deal of a philosopher.  We had many an enlightening discussions about the school system, about Life in general, Music and Art in particular.  He was a very cultured man, a gifted artist and a devoted friend. 

I am honored to have known him and I wish his family the best in honoring their father’s memory.





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